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Local, or regular visitor to Mandurah WA?

Benefit from our free hand delivery service from Lake Clifton in the south, to Secret Harbour to the north and Ravenswood towards the east.

How does it work, we hear you ask?

Step 1

Add as many items to your cart as the budget will allow, 😉, and make your way to the "Delivery method" at the checkout.

Step 2

Select Change, if your delivery address falls withing the free delivery area the "Free - Hand Delivery" option will be available for selection.

Step 3

Select "Free - Hand Delivery", click "Continue", finalise your order and that's it. We'll be in touch to confirm an estimated timeframe for delivery.

Regular visitor to Mandurah WA?

If you live outside the free hand delivery area but you are a regular to Mandurah WA, message us and we can work out a plan to get the delivery to you on your next visit, free of charge.

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