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Embark on this journey with us as we champion the transformative power of play. 


Hey there, I'm Meg, a spirited primary school teacher with a love for nurturing young minds. With years of tutoring and classroom experience, I've seen the incredible impact of learning through play on children's growth.

When my little bundle of joy arrived, well simply said - everything changed. It made me think why not blend my passions while working from home with my daughter?

Now, I'm delighted to work from my cosy property in the South of Western Australia, where we share our space with an adorable dog, two playful goats and of course a mob of Kangaroos and some noisy wild cockatoos.



Hi, I’m Rick, the proud father of two incredible young women, and grandfather of an adorable little girl.

Most of my life has been spent in finance & commercial management and I found myself looking for something different and meaningful, about the same time Meg was looking at finding a way to work from home. After weeks of brainstorming an idea was born and here we are, blending passion with meaning.


We live relatively close to Meg and fam, but with a slightly larger menagerie, comprising of two young donkeys, 4 goats, Kate the family dog and lots of rescue chickens and possums.

Being witness to the magic of childhood again reminded us of the importance of play as a birthright.

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