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Be "Birthday Present Ready"

As grown-ups, the quest for the perfect birthday present can be exhausting, spending all that time and money on toys that lose their appeal as quickly as they're unwrapped. This year, let's tackle the challenge of being "birthday present ready" with a simple yet effective solution: Choosing toys with longevity.

Child with LEtme Toys sensory bin kit and Peg People with cups and tray

Here's to birthdays filled with joy, laughter, and toys that truly stand the test of time.


Key tips to be birthday present ready with Long-lasting Toys:

How do we as grownups ensure our child's birthday gifts stand the test of time?

Step 1: Opt for Open-ended Exploration

First, opt for toys that are open-ended.

Open-ended toys are a class of toy that offer infinite ways a child can use them, essentially offering limitless possibilities on what kids can do with them. There is not a single set way to play with an open-ended toy.

Open-ended toys are toys that foster a child’s creativity, critical thinking, and imagination. During open-ended play, approximately 90% of the input comes from your child, while 10% or less comes from toys themselves.

From Block Sets to Rainbow Kits, these toys grow with our children, adapting to their evolving interests and abilities as they age.

Step 2: Prioritise Skills Development

Next, prioritise toys that encourage skill development. Look for activities that challenge their problem-solving abilities, fine motor skills, and social interactions.

Can the toy be adapted to provide new challenges as our children's skills progress?

Step 3: Durability Matters

Last but not least, durability matters. Seek out toys made from high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of playtime.

From sturdy Wooden Toys to BPA free Silicone Toys, choosing durable options ensures years of enjoyment, reducing the need for constant replacements.

Making Memories and Nurturing Growth

So, as you prepare for upcoming special days, remember: the best gifts aren't just toys; they're investments in hours of fun, building memories, and growth. By selecting toys with longevity, you're not only simplifying your shopping experience but also nurturing a child's development in meaningful ways.


Click the downloadable below for examples.

3 Tips For Choosing Toys With Longevity
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