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Picture the Rabbit hopping through a garden oasis, the Owl perched atop a tree in a forest, these Silicone Animals are the perfect addition to play. Each animal toy can be opened up to reveal cup-like bases, perfect for filling with sensory materials like coloured rice or bubble foam.


And of course, a splash-tastic adventure awaits at bath-time. Children love experimenting with cause and effect as they squeeze the animal toys and observe how water flows in response.


This interactive play introduces concepts like volume, capacity, gravity, momentum, and the effects of different angles and forces on the trajectory of water. This hands-on experience lays the foundation for mathematical and science understanding, through playful learning.

Silicone Animal Water Play

SKU: G1K112
    • Problem solving
    • Creative thinking
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Fine motor development
    • Gross motor development
    • Open-ended play
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