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Yes it's sorting, yes there is visual discrimination skills BUT do you see a smoothie bar, pretend face paint or a mini-golf adventure? The magic this toy is bringing to families, is breath-taking! Will your child find yet another way to play?


When sorting, children engage in sequencing and planning as they consider how to use the spoon to retrieve the balls and place them into the corresponding cup. This activity encourages them to think ahead, strategise, and order their actions. Engaging in imaginative play nurtures creativity, social-emotional development, problem-solving skills, and cognitive flexibility.

Wooden Bowl & Spoon with Balls & Cups

SKU: G2K210
  • Choking Hazard:

    Not suitable for children under 3 years, contains small parts.

    Safety First:

    Made from durable non-toxic wood, dyes and paints, ensuring a worry-free playtime experience.


    28 x 23 x 8 cm

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