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Welcome to a world of wonder! Discover a rainbow zoo for animals, a colourful village or a vibrant tower for the mini peg people to explore, our children build their fantasy into reality.


The mini peg people, provide an opportunity for self-discovery and emotional expression. Children assign personalities, role-play scenarios, and explore various emotions, fostering emotional intelligence, empathy, and self-awareness, empowering children to navigate and express their feelings in everyday life.


With multiple sets inside this kit, our children learn to group and categorise the toys based on similar shape to build and connect the sets together. This reinforces their understanding of comparative size.

Wooden Rainbow Kit

SKU: G2K205
  • Choking Hazard:

    Not suitable for children under 3 years, contains small parts.

    Safety First:

    Made from durable non-toxic wood, dyes and paints, ensuring a worry-free playtime experience.


    13.5 x 11.5 x 11 cm

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