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Toys with a long 'shelf-life'

Over 'one and done' toys? So are we.

LETme Toys are:
Hand picked and
educator approved

LETme Toys meet:
Specific skillsets to prepare our children for their future

LETme Toys are:
Made from durable non-toxic materials, dyes & paints

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel frazzled as the days get colder and shorter.

  • Your kids quickly run out of things to do inside.

  • You worry about going to noisy overcrowded indoor play centres.

  • You rely on screens to keep your kids occupied, but worry about too much screen time.

  • You feel guilty for not being able to provide more enriching experiences at home.

Imagine a world ...

Where your child is joyfully immersed in creative play at home and you aren’t rushing out the door every morning.

Where you have toys that act as a catalyst for connection between you and your child(ren).

Where winter days become exciting adventures in learning and discovery and you see the joy slow days at home can bring in the season of rest.


Discover the solution to winter boredom:
Our open-ended educational toys.

  1. By stocking your play shelf with intentional toys, you can make sure your home is ready for any winter day.

  2. Turn those indoor hours into golden opportunities for growth and joy.​

  3. But don’t just stock the shelf with anything, be sure to find toys with a long shelf-life.

What gives toys a long 'shelf-life' (longevity)?

✅ Timeless design and appeal

✅ High quality construction

✅ Durable and resistance to wear & tear

✅ Highly versatile

✅ Engage children in various ways

✅ Educational value

✅ Opportunities for open-ended play

✅ Adapt to changing interests, age groups

VIDEO: Example of a toy with longevity


Using your new LETme Toys

With LETme Toys, you're not just introducing a toy – you're inviting your child into a world of growth, learning, and joy.

Our range of open-ended toys inspire creativity, boost resilience, enhance problem-solving, and cultivate confidence in children aged 0-5 years.

LETme Toys wooden animal beads

Unlock the 

Power of Play